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GATE 2022 ME: Production Engineering Quiz - 5

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Question 1

In a shaping process, the number of double strokes per minutes is 45 and the quick return ratio is 0.8. If the length of the stroke is 300 mm, the average cutting velocity (in m/min) ___________.

Question 2

For a shaping operation, following data is given

The unit power consumption is given by

where t1 is uncut thickness in mm.
The total power consumption in W is ______.

Question 3

Through holes of 10 mm diameter are to be drilled in a steel plate of 20 mm thickness. Drill spindle speed is 300 rpm, feed 0.2 mm/rev and drill point angle is 1200. Assuming drill over travel of 2 mm, the time for producing a hole will be

Question 4

An eight-speed drilling machine uses drill of diameter ranging from 6mm to 36mm where the cutting speed is constant 15m/min. The ratio of any two consecutive speeds is_____

Question 5

A 15 mm diameter blind hole is to be drilled upto 60mm depth at a speed of 500 rpm and feed 0.2 mm per revolution, point angle of drill is 1100 . Machining time per hole (minute) __

Question 6

The size of the lathe is expressed by which of the following?
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