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GATE 2023 ME: National Champion Quiz -4

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Question 1

What will be the transmission ratio of gear train?

Question 2

At resonance, the amplitude of vibration is

Question 3

the features of the ball bearings are

Question 4

When the bolts are tightened, a preload is applied to each bolt. Due to which the bolt is under tension. In order to avoid the joint separation the preload must be;

Question 5

A torque of 10 kN-m is subjected to a shaft of material having its yield point of 350 MPa. The required diameter of shaft using maximum shear stress theory and maximum distortion energy theory respectively will be (Take factor of safety of 2.5)

Question 6

The clutch is employed to connect on electric motor running at 900 rpm with flywheel stationary initially. The torque is 9.272 Nm. The flywheel has a mass of 14 kg and its radius of gyration is 160 mm. The time required for the flywheel to attain full speed is

Question 7

A steel bracket is bolted to a wall support rigidly by means of 2 bolts at each points. The distance of the two points from the edge of bracket is 25mm and 150mm respectively. A pulley is supported by the bracket with a eccentricity of 175mm. Thus the bracket supports a load of 20000N parallel to the axis of bolt. Determine the size of bolt. Tensile stress for each bolts is 25N/mm2
(Relation for coarse threads is: d = 1.19dc)

Question 8

A full journal bearing with a journal of 75 mm diameter and a bearing of 75 mm length is subjected to a radial load of 2500 N at 400 rev/sec. The lubricant is SAE 30 at 75 °C having a viscosity of 16.5 × 10-3 kg/ms. Radial clearance is 0.03 mm. Eccentricity of the bearing is 0.27. Find the minimum film thickness.

Question 9

A rigid body is undergoing a planar motion as shown in the figure below. The absolute tangential acceleration at the point A and B are 100mm/s2 and 200mm/s2 respectively in the shown direction. Find the angular velocity of the rigid link

Question 10

A flywheel of moment of inertia 9.8 kg m2 fluctuates by 30 rpm find the fluctuation in energy, if the mean angular speed of the flywheel is 82.66 rad/s.

Question 11

Calculate the frequency of the system ?

Question 12

Two shafts A and B, in the same straight line are geared together through an intermediate parallel shaft. The parameters relating to the gears and pinions are given in the table:

Which of the following relation is NOT valid for kinematic design consideration?
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