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GATE 2022 ME: National Champion Quiz -3

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Question 1

In a small engineering project, for an activity, the optimistic time is 2 minutes, the most likely time is 5 minutes and the pessimistic time is 8 minutes. What is the expected time of the activity?

Question 2

What maximum output current can be drawn at 100% duty cycle from a welding power source rated at 500A at 60% duty cycle _________?

Question 3

For increasing the material removal rate in turning, without any constraints, the right sequences to adjust the parameters?
1). speed
2). Feed
3). Depth of cut
Select the correct answer using the codes:

Question 4

Processing times (including setup times) and due dates for six jobs waiting to be processed at a work centre are given in the table. The average tardiness (in days) using shortest processing time rule is _________(correct to two decimal places).

Question 5

Following data refers to the activities of a project, where, node 1 refers to the start and node 5 refers to the end of the project.

The critical path (CP) in the network is

Question 6

The probability distribution of weekly sale of a certain item is as follow:
The cost of carrying inventory is Rs. 30 per unit per week and the cost of unit shortage is Rs. 70 per week. The optimum stock level which minimized the total expected cost is _________ units.

Question 7

A CNC vertical roiling machine has to cut a straight slot of 20 mm width and 4 mm depth by a cutter of 15 mm diameter between points (0, 0) and (50, 50) on the xy plane (dimensions in mm). The feed rate used for milling is 45 mm/min. Milling time for the slot (in seconds) is ___________.

Question 8

Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the code given below the lists:
A). Procurement cost
B). Carrying cost
C). Economic order quality
D). Reorder point
1). Cost of holding materials
2). Cost of receiving order
3). Procurement lead time
4). Break-even analysis

Question 9

Match Group-I with Group-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:
P) G09
Q) G41
R) G01
S) G03
1) Linear Interpolation
2) Retardation
3) Circular interpolation
4) Cutter radius compensation

Question 10

Subjects to

In the starting Simplex tableau, x1 and x2 are non-basic variables and the value of Z is zero. The value of Z in the next Simplex tableau is____.

Question 11

Match the following

Question 12

Consider the following data with reference to elementary deterministic economic order quantity model

The total number of economic orders per year to meet the annual demand is
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