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GATE 2022 ME: Machine Design Quiz - 8

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Question 1

A helical compression spring is to be designed for a force of 200N. The spring index of the spring, if mean coil diameter is 48 mm and wire diameter is 9.6 mm.

Question 2

A solid shaft is subjected to bending moment of 3.46 kN-m and a torsional moment of 11.5 kN-m. For this case, the equivalent bending moment and twisting moment are-

Question 3

A motor is driving a solid circular steel shaft transmits 40 kW of power at 500 rpm. If the diameter of the shaft is 40 mm. The maximum shear stress in the shaft is ____ MPa.

Question 4

A spring having properties: G = 79.34 GPa, τ = 0.69 GPa, C = 6; is used for punching machine. The compression spring has to support 4 kN load & the diameter of wire is 13mm the number of turns in coil if the deflection under the load is 50mm

Question 5

Two concentric springs, having same number of turns and free axial length, are made of same material. One spring has mean coil diameter of 12 cm and its wire diameter is 1.0 cm, the other one has ,mean coil diameter of 8 cm and wire diameter of 0.6 cm. If the set of springs is compressed by an axial load of 2000 N, the loads shared by the springs will be

Question 6

If both the mean coil diameter and wire diameter of a helical compression or tension spring be double, then the deflection of the spring close coiled under same applied load will
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