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GATE 2022 ME: Machine Design Quiz - 7

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Question 1

Match List-I (Application) with List-II (Joint) and select the correct answer using the code given below the lists:
A). Boiler shell
B). Marine Shaft Coupling
C). Crosshead and piston Rod
D). Automobile gear box (gears to shaft)
1). Cotter joint
2). Knuckle Joint
3). Riveted Joint
4). Splines
5). Bolted Joint

Question 2

The length L key required to transmit 500 Nm torque for 60mm diameter shaft. The key has a cross section of 20x10mm (Syt=Syc=240 MPa, FOS=4) is?

Question 3

For an Oldham coupling used between two shafts, which among the following statements are correct?
I. Torsional load is transferred along shaft axis.
II. A velocity ratio of 1:2 between shafts is obtained without using gears
III. Bending load is transferred transverse to shaft axis.
IV. Rotation is transferred along shaft axis.

Question 4

The tensions on a belt are 245N and 165N. The pulleys have a diameter of 240mm and rotate at 1200rpm. Find the amount of power transmitted.

Question 5

The included angle of V- belt is usually:

Question 6

In a cotter joint, the width of the cotter at the centre is 5 cm, while its thickness is 1.2 cm. The load acting on the cotter is 60kN. The shear stress developed in the cotter is
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