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GATE 2022 ME: Machine Design Quiz - 3

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Question 1

Two members are connected with  initial axial tightening force of 3 kN. The external force acting on the assembly is 10 kN. The bolt is made of plain carbon steel (σyt = 400 MPa) and factor of safety is 3. The effective stiffness of the parts held together by the bolt is 3 times the stiffness of the bolt. The diameter(in mm) of the bolt is:

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Question 2

A bracket (shown in figure) is rigidly mounted on wall using four rivets. Each rivet is 6mm in diameter and has an effective length of 12mm.
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Direct shear stress (in MPa) in the most heavily loaded rivet is

Question 3

A steam boiler is to be designed for a working pressure of 2.5 MPa with its inside diameter of 1.6 m and thickness is 30 mm. If number of rivets is 45 per row and diameter of each rivet is 35 mm, then the efficiency (%) of circumferential joint is:

Question 4

A bolted joint has four bolts arranged as shown in figure. The cross sectional area of each bolt is 25 mm2. A torque T = 200 N-m is acting on the joint. Neglecting friction due to clamping force, maximum shear stress in a bolt is_____ MPa.

Question 5

Two metal plates of thickness 10 mm and width 50 mm are joined by a fillet weld of 45 ° as shown in given figure. When subjected to a pulling force 20 KN, the stress induced in bar in the weld will be:

Question 6

A plate 100 mm wide and 20 mm thick is to be welded to another plate using double parallel fillets. The plates are subjected to a static load of 70 kN. Find the length of weld if the permissible shear stress in the weld does not exceed 50 MPa.
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