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GATE 2022 ME: Machine Design Quiz - 1

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Question 1

A simply supported shaft of length L and diameter d, supported at its extreme ends, is subjected to a central load P. The shaft supports gears on it. If the shaft is stiffer it has to be designed on the basis of;

Question 2

A transmission shaft is required to transfer high torque to a machine element. The rigidity of a transmission shaft can be increased by which of the following methods.

Question 3

Assertion A: Solid shafts are preferred in case of pumps.
Assertion B: Hollow shafts are preferred in case of turbines.

Question 4

A shaft does not deflect or bend too much due to bending moments if the shaft is;

Question 5

A bar made of ductile material is subjected to maximum and minimum stresses of 150N/mm2 and 50N/mm2 and has an endurance limit of 194N/mm2 and yield strength of 296N/mm2. The fatigue stress concentration factor is 1.The available factor of safety for this loading is

Question 6

A Shaft of length 100mm and diameter 25mm is used to transmit torque of 12 kN. The shaft is to be designed for a specified allowable stress, so the factor of safety is determined by, (Assume the material of shaft to be ductile)
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