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GATE 2022 ME: Industrial Engineering Quiz - 6

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Question 1

A dummy activity is used in PERT network to describe _______.

Question 2

The time after which further reduction of time, the direct cost would increase rapidly and the facilities and resources would be extremely strained is called

Question 3

A project consists of six activities. The immediate predecessor of each activity and the estimated duration is also provided in the table below:

If all activities other than S take the estimated amount of time, the maximum duration (in weeks) of the activity S without delaying the completion of the project is ___________

Question 4

A project consisting of seven activities with time estimates is shown below. What is the probability that the project will be delayed beyond 30 days?

The normal probability distribution table is shown below

Question 5

The following table gives the information & data for the activities of a construction project

If indirect cost is Rs. 20/day, crash the project to minimum duration and find the total cost difference (is Rs.)

Question 6Multiple Correct Options

Find the project completion time _____?

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