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GATE 2022 ME: Industrial Engineering Quiz - 3

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Question 1

What is the ratio of annual holding ost to annual inventory cost when the order size is determined using economic order quantity (EOQ) model?

Question 2

A company produce 4800 parts per day and sells them at approximately half of the rate. The setup cost is Rs 1000 and carrying cost is Rs 5 per unit. The annual demand is 480000 per years. The length of each production will be

Question 3

What is the optimum length of time between orders in EOQ model with a total time horizon of one year?

Question 4

The demand for an item is 900 units per month and the lead time is 10 days. In the past two month, the maximum demand observed is 50 units per day. For a re-ordering system based on inventory level, the re-order level (in units) is

Question 5

The following information is provided for an item:
Annual usage = 12,000 units, ordering cost = Rs. 60 per order
Carrying cost = 10% of unit cost, unit cost of item = Rs. 10 and lead time = 10 days.
There are 300 working days/year. In the past two years the use rate has gone as high as 70 units per day. For a reordering system based on the inventory level, the average inventory (units) is

Question 6

Standard machine tool and an automatic machine tool are being compared for the production of a component. Following data refers to the two machines.
The breakeven production batch size above which the automatic machine tool will be economical to use, will be _____ units.
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