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GATE 2022 ME: Heat-Transfer Quiz - 3

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Question 1

The peak wavelength of radiation emitted by a black body at a temperature of 2000 K is 1.45 μm. If the peak wavelength of emitted radiation changes to 2.90 μm, then the temperature (in K) of the black body is___.

Question 2

For a glass plate transmissivity and reflectivity are specified as 0.76 and 0.08 respectively, the absorptivity of the glass plate is ___________.

Question 3

The emissive power of a blackbody is P. If its absolute temperature is doubled, the emissive power becomes.

Question 4

Consider two infinitely long thin concentric tubes of circular cross section as shown in the figure. If D1 and D2 are the diameters of the inner and outer tubes respectively, then the view factor F22 is given by

Question 5

Calculate the total emissive power of a black body whose temperature is 573 ºC and Area is 5m2____.

Question 6

 Find the radiation heat exchange between two large parallel steel plates of emissivities 0.7 and 0.5 held at temperatures of 1000 K and 500 K respectively, if a thin copper plate of emissivity 0.1 is introduced as a radiation shield between the two plates is?
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