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GATE 2023 ME: Fluid Mechanics Revision Quiz

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Question 1

A geometrically similar hydraulic model of a spillway has been constructed on a scale of 1: 16. If the prototype discharge is 2048 /s, what would be the discharge in the model? (in m3/s)

Question 2

Determine the boundary layer thickness (in mm) at a distance of 1 m from the leading edge for a flow of air with free stream velocity of 25m/s over a plate. Kinematic viscosity of air is 0.15 stokes.

Question 3

A U-tube manometer is used to measure pressure drop between two points. The tube is found to be inclined at 45˚. The height of the column in one limb is 150mm and other limb is 210mm measured from the base of tube, parallel to the inclination. The tube is filled with water and g = 10 m/s. What is the pressure drop measured by the manometer.

Question 4

Consider the following statements:
1- A streamline is a curve drawn in space, which is tangent everywhere to the velocity vector.
2- No fluid may enter or leave a stream tube excepts through its ends.
3- A path line refers to the identity of a fluid particle.
4- For a streak-line analysis,a fixed point should be under consideration.
Which of the above are correct?

Question 5

A fluid having density ρ is flowing with inlet velocity V through a uniformly varying pipe bend at right angle as shown in the figure. The inlet cross-section area of the pipe is twice the outlet cross-section area. If the pressure P at both the ends is same, then the angle made by the resultant force exerted on the pipe bend with the horizontal is

Question 6

Water (p = 1000 kg/m3) flows through a venturimeter with inlet diameter 80 mm and throat diameter 40 mm. The inlet and throat gauge pressures are measured to be 400 kPa and 130 kPa respectively. Assuming the venturimeter to be horizontal and neglecting friction, the inlet velocity (in m/s) is

Question 7

In a turbulent flow over a flat plate, boundary layer thickness at a distance of 6m was observed to be 6mm, the Boundary Layer thickness at distance of 8m will be ____mm.

Question 8

The maximum possible blade efficiency of a single stage impulse turbine is 80% and velocity coefficient of blade is 0.85. If inlet and outlet blade angles of turbine are 30 ° and 40 ° then the nozzle angle (in degree) will be:

Question 9

Laminar boundary layer flow past the square plate arrangements is shown in figure. Comparing to the friction drag of a single plate (1), how much larger is the drag of four plates together as in configurations (2)

Question 10

A single acting reciprocating pump has a piston of 15 cm diameter and 22.5 cm stroke. The pump is required to deliver 0.29 m3 of water per minute at 75 rpm. If the suction and delivery heads are 3 m and 10 m respectively, then the percentage of slip of pump is

Question 11

The velocity potential of a velocity field is given by Description: E:\Gate\SSC JE Mechanical Part 1\Practice-Set-9_files\image069.png + constant. Its stream function will be given by:

Question 12

Buoyant force is ________.

Question 13

A balloon lifting in air follows the ____________.

Question 14

Select the wrong statement

Question 15

The difference of absolute pressure and local atmospheric pressure is known as _______.
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