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GATE 2022 ME: Fluid Mechanics Quiz-8

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Question 1

In a turbulent flow with Reynold Number = 5100 through a pipe, find the distance from the pipe wall at which the local velocity is equal to that of the average velocity of flow. Given the flow is of a fluid with specific gravity 0.95 and pipe radius is 20cm.

(R is the radius of the pipe)

Question 2

A fluid is flowing is through a circular pipe. For flow to be laminar the friction factor is k × 10-3. (Critical Reynold's number is 2000)

Question 3

For Laminar flow of an oil having dynamic viscosity μ = 1.67 Pa.s in a 0.2m diameter pipe, the velocity distribution is parabolic with a maximum point velocity of 2.5 m/s at the centre of the pipe. Calculate the shearing stresses at the pipe wall.

Question 4

For steady, fully developed flow inside straight pipe diameter 1 m, neglecting gravity effects, the pressure drop is 50 kPa over a length of 100 m. The wall shear stress will be

Question 5

In a 0.18 m diameter, 250 m long horizontal pipe a lubricating oil of specific gravity 0.9 and dynamic viscosity 0.15 Pa-s is pumped at the rate of 0.04 m3/s. The power required to maintain the flow (in kW) is_______.

Question 6

For the laminar flow in a circular pipe, variation of shear stress on the cross-section of pipe with radius is _____.
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