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GATE 2022 ME: Fluid Mechanics Quiz-7

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Question 1

A sprinkler with unequal arms and jets of area 1 cm2 facing in the same direction as shown. A flow of 2 l/s enters the assembly to rotating arm.Assuming no friction resistance, the speed of rotation (in rad/s) is­_____.

Question 2

A lawn sprinkler is as shown below, if T is the torque due to friction of bearing and Q is the discharge, the angular velocity is_____. (where V is the velocity of water jet)

Question 3

Water is flowing at 300litre/s through a bend tube of varying cross-section as shown in the figure. The inlet and outlet diameter of the tube are 40cm and 20cm respectively. The bend tube is connected to a spring of constant 100N/mm. If the pressure at inlet and outlet of the tube is same as 40N/cm2, find the compression in the spring in cm

Question 4

A nozzle is inclined at an angle of 45° to horizontal.The diameter of nozzle is 60 mm and the jet of water from the nozzle strikes the ground at a horizontal distance of 4 m. The rate of flow of water (in l/s) is ____. (Take g = 10 m/s).

Question 5

A fluid having density ρ is flowing with inlet velocity V through a uniformly varying pipe bend at right angle as shown in the figure. The inlet cross-section area of the pipe is twice the outlet cross-section area. If the pressure P at both the ends is same, then the angle made by the resultant force exerted on the pipe bend with the horizontal is

Question 6

Water flows at the rate of 0.05 m3/s through a horizontal bend as shown. The bolted joint keeps the bend pipe in its place.

The force (in N) on bolts is___. (discharge at bend exit is at atmosphere conditions)

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