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GATE 2022 ME: Fluid Mechanics Quiz-6

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Question 1

The Coefficient of discharge of a orifice meter is 0.97. The time taken by fluid to cover 8 cm of distance is 0.5 sec. Also the area of orifice is 75 mm2. The Theoretical Discharge will be __________.

Question 2

The pressure developed in the venturi meter due to restriction is recovered at the exit section.

Question 3

A pitot tube measures a differential pressure of 0.008 bar. What is the speed of the plane, if it is flying at a height of about 12000 m. Take density of air at this height 0.31 kg/m3

Question 4

Water flow through an inclined venturi-meter whose inlet and throat diameter are 150mm and 80mm respectively. The inlet and throat section are 60cm and 90cm high above the datum level . For certain flow rate the pressure difference between the inlet and throat is measured by a mercury manometer is found as 20cm of Hg . Estimate the flow rate when the friction is 10% of head indicated by the manometer (take g=9.8m/s2)

Question 5

A jet of water has minimum area at the vena contracta and there is no friction. If rate of Discharge is 200 lit/sec and velocity of water is 2.45 m/sec. What will be the coefficient of velocity?

Question 6

A Pitot-static (C=1) is used to measure the velocity of water. The differential manometer reading is 20 mm of liquid column with a relative density 12 (g = 9.8 m/s2), the velocity of water (m/s) is ________.
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