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GATE 2022 ME: Fluid Mechanics Quiz-13

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Question 1

A phenomenon is modeled using n dimensional variables with k primary dimensions. The number of non-dimensional variables is

Question 2

Which of the following non-dimensional numbers is not correctly defined?

Question 3

Mach number is significant in

Question 4

The 1:5 model of a parachute needs to be studied in a wind tunnel. The actual parachute carries 80kg load and lands at a speed of 18Km/hr. The drag experienced by the parachute under dynamically similar conditions is? (in N). Assume acceleration due to gravity as 10m/s2

Question 5

A water turbine delivering 10 MW power is to be tested with the help of a geometrically similar 1 : 16 model, running at the double speed as that of the prototype. The power developed by model will be

Question 6

For the Froude model law, model of a pipe is to be tested. If the discharge is 300 m3/s, then the discharge at which the model must be tested is……… m3/s ?
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