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GATE 2022 ME: Fluid Mechanics Quiz-11

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Question 1

Following figure shows a rectangular high board AB pivoted at C. The maximum height of C above B so that the flash board will be on the verge of tipping when the water is at O will be

Question 2

Distance between centre of gravity and centre of pressure for horizontal plane surface

Question 3

A vertical rectangular gate is loaded from both the sides, has water on both the sides as shown in figure. If H1 : H2 = 3, then the resultant pressure exerted on the gate will act at a distance of ___________ from the bottom.

Question 4

A vertical rectangular wall with a width of 20 m and a height of 12 m is holding a 7 m deep water body. Determine the total pressure force on the wall(in kN)______.

Question 5

A Hollow circular plate having inner and outer diameter 0.8m and 1m is vertically submerged in an oil of density 800 kg/m3 in such a way that its top most point is 3 m below the free surface level. Then the magnitude of Hydrostatic force on the plate is (in kN).

Question 6

A body is immersed in a fluid having an angle θ with the liquid surface. The depth of centre of pressure on the body
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