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GATE 2022: General Aptitude (Arithmetical Reasoning)

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Question 1

Romeo was born two years after his father’s marriage. His mother is five years younger than his father but 20 years older than Romeo who is 10 years old. At what age did his father get married?

Question 2

25% of a number is subtracted from two fifth of this number then value is 45. What is the number?

Question 3

Travel fare is like below :
Train upto 3km Rs.5, 3 - 15 km Rs.10, 15 - 35 km Rs.15, more than 35 km Rs.20.
Bus upto 3 km Rs.7, 3 - 12 km Rs.8, 12 - 20 km Rs.9, more than 20 km Rs.10. 
Auto-rickshaw upto 2 km Rs.10, 2 - 6 km Rs.15, 6 - 10 km Rs. per head. 

If a person set out for a destination of 40 Km away and he covers 55%, 35%, 10% in Train, Bus, Auto-rickshaw respectively. Then how much is his travelling cost?

Question 4

One bucket contains 5 liters of water. One small mug contains 750 ml water. If a person tries to fill up the empty bucket by small mug. After 4 times pouring water by small mug. How much percentage is left to be filled?

Question 5

If 20% of x is added to y it becomes 180% of y then y is what percent of x?

Question 6

A wall is built with 254 bricks. A builder has to built 88 such walls. He has 20,100 bricks and has ordered for 500 more bricks. How many bricks still be required?
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