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GATE 2023 : Electromagnetic Theory Revision Quiz

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Question 1

For a homogeneous and isotropic medium if electric potential is V. Then Poisson equation will be:

Question 2

A phasor
1) May be a scalar or a vector
2) Is a time-dependent quantity
3) Is a complex quantity
Which of the above statements are correct?

Question 3

Which one of the following relations holds true for an irrotational field ?

Question 4

Maxwell’s equation = ρV becomes ______________ in free space because:

Question 5

If is Solenoidal, then the value of k = _______.

Question 6

The circular loop conductor having a radius of 10 m is placed in x-y plane, this loop consists of a resistance of 50Ω as shown in below figure. If the magnetic flux density is Find current flowing through this loop?

Question 7

In a charge free region for which = 0, ϵ = ϵ0ϵr  and μ = μ0, H = 5 cos (1011t – 4y) A/m. Determine the electric flux density D.

Question 8

If and loop current is , Then the value of A is _______.

Question 9

An electric field is given by , an incremental path is represented by . Find the work done in moving 4μC charge along the incremental path if the location of the path is a point (2, 1, 1)

Question 10

A point charge of +5μC and –5μC are located at (0, 0, 1) and (0, 0, –1) respectively, in free space. Find the magnitude of dipole moment. Consider distance in meters.

Question 11

A dielectric material is placed in vacuum in a uniform electric field of E = 10 V/m. What is the electric field inside the material if the relative permittivity of dielectric material is 2?

Question 12

A point charge of 10–9 C is placed at a point A in free space. What is the intensity of electrostatic field  on the surface of a sphere of radius 5 cm at centre A?

(Take = 9 x 109SI unit)

Question 13

When currents are moving in the same direction in two conductors, then the force will be

Question 14

What is the value of current density  at (0, 0, 1) when magnetic field intensity, .

Question 15

A vector the value of Aρ at point P (–2, 6, 3) is
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