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GATE 2022: Digital Logic Quiz-8

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Question 1

Consider a 4-bitJohnson counter with an initial value 1111. Then the counting sequence of this counter is:

Question 2

Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:
A- Shift register
B- Counter
C- Decoder
1- Frequency division
2- Addressing in memory chips
3- Serial to parallel data conversion

Question 3

How many flip-flops are required to build a binary counter to count from 0 to 1023? What is the mod number?

Question 4

In a 8 bit SISO register, if 16-bit data 1011 0101 0010 1010 is applied at the input. The minimum number of clock pulses required to transfer 16 bit data at the output is

Question 5

To store 50 bits of information we use 50 bits register. We pass this data through input port and use Serial In Serial Out (SISO) type of register to get the same data on output port. What is the count of number of cycles taken by this register to get complete data as output?

Question 6

Consider the following sequential circuit consisting of 2 J-K flip flops and D flip flop :

The Mod value for this counter is_____________.

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