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GATE 2022: Digital Logic Quiz- 6

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Question 1

STATEMENT1: A Demultiplexer is built by using AND gates only.

STATEMENT2: A Demultiplexer can be used as a Decoder.

Question 2

What is the function of the given circuit in diagram?

Question 3

For a carry look ahead binary adder for n (n>5) bit binary numbers A and B, then consider the following SOP expression for generating carry:

C5 = G5 + PaGb + PcP5G3 + P5P4P3Gd + P5PeP3P2G1 + P5P4P3P2P1G0 + P5P4P3P2P1P0Cf

Where Pi is the propagation function and Gi is the generating function and have usual meaning.

i.e. Gi = Ai . Bi

Pi = Ai Bi

C-1 is the input carry.

What will be correct values for the subscripts a, b, c, d, e, f?

Question 4

Aman was implementing 4X16 Decoder using minimum number of 2X4 Decoders with enable Input. The implementation of 4X16 Decoder is given in the following figure.


Now this Decoder has to be converted to 2X4 Decoder. Aman drew the following diagram.


But he was confused what to place in place of W, X, Y, Z out of A, B, C, D. Choose the correct option to help Aman solve the problem correctly.

Question 5

How many full adders needed to construct 8-bit parallel adder?

Question 6

Given a combinational circuit below:

(2 X 1 multiplexer are being used)

What will be the sum min terms at output f?

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