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GATE 2022: Digital Logic Quiz-3

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Question 1

What is the minimum possible literal count in the canonical S-O-P (SUM OF PRODUCTS) form for the following K-Map?

Note: Literal count of the boolean expression is the sum of the no of times literals appear in the expression. For example, in the expression (AB+A'B'C) the literal count is 5.

Question 2

A full subtractor is a combinational circuit used to evaluate A-B-C which is as shown below using the NOR gate :

Then what is the number of literals present in the minimized expression at the NOR gate 6 ?

Question 3

Consider the following Boolean function

f(A, B, C, D) =

The simplified POS from the above function is

Question 4

For the map shown below, the minimized logical expression in sum of product (SOP) form is

Question 5

Consider the following Boolean functions:

f1(w,x,y,z) = Σm(1,3,6,7,10,14,15) + d(4,11)

f2(w,x,y,z) = M(1,4,6,12,13,15) + d(8,10)

How many maxterms are there in f1.f̅2 (f1 dot f2 bar)?

Question 6

Number of minimal SOP expression is ______, which is represented by following k-map

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