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Question 1

An ideal n–channel MOSFET has the following parameters : mobility of electrons = 500 cm2 /V–sec, threshold voltage VTN = 0.6V and oxide thickness tox = 200Å. The MOSFET is biased in the saturation region at VGS = 5 V to get the saturation drain current (ID (sat)) of 6 mA, the required aspect ratio is _______________.

(Assume that the permittivity of oxide layer is 34.5 × 10–14 F/ cm)

Question 2

The ratio of current for forward biased mode with voltage 0.05 V to the current with same magnitude of reverse bias mode is _______

Question 3

The figure shows two signal x(t) and h(t) as

Which of the waveforms in the option corresponds to convolution x(t) *h(t)?

Question 4

If VA – VB = 6V, then VC - VD is

Question 5

The input to a linear delta modulator having step-size δ = 0.628 is a sine wave with frequency fm and peak amplitude Am. If the sampling frequency fs = 40 kHz, the combination of the sine wave frequency and the peak amplitude, where slope overload will take place is

Question 6

A tunnel is modelled as an air-filled metallic rectangular waveguide with dimensions a = 8 m and b = 16 m which of the following statement is true about this tunnel

(i) It will not pass a 1.5 MHz AM Signal

(ii) It will pass the 120 MHz FM signal

Question 7

The state space representation a system is , if the response of y(t) is

Question 8

What is reduced expression for following.

 where d denotes don’t care.

Question 9

If & , then find the determinant of ?

Question 10

The value of the contour integral evaluated over the unit circle |z| = 1 is _____________.

Question 11

In the given oscillator circuit, find the values of C1 and C2 that would make the bridge balanced

Question 12

Consider two BJTs biased at the same collector current with area Assuming that all other device parameters are identical, kT/q = 26 mV, the intrinsic carrier concentration isthe difference
between the base-emitter voltages (in mV) of the two BJTs

Question 13

A dc voltage of 10 V is applied across an n-type silicon bar having a rectangular cross-section and a length of 1 cm as shown in figure. The donor doping concentration ND and the mobility of electrons Description: Description: D:\GradeStack Courses\GATE Tests (Sent by Ravi)\GATE EC 10-Mar\GATE-ECE-2015-Paper-2_files\image299.png are 1016 cm-3 and 1000 cm2V–1s–1, respectively. The average time (in μs) taken by the electrons to move from one end of the bar to other end is__________
Description: Description: D:\GradeStack Courses\GATE Tests (Sent by Ravi)\GATE EC 10-Mar\GATE-ECE-2015-Paper-2_files\image300.png

Question 14

An ideal n- channel MOSFET has parameter A/V2, VT=0.7 V and tox=0.4 nm. It is found by measurement that it is operating in saturation region. The power dissipated in the MOSFET is 36 mW and VDS=6V. the aspect ratio for the MOSFET when VGS =5 V is

Question 15

Consider an amplitude modulated signal with a message signal m(t) and carrier frequency ‘fc’ as follows:

S(t) = [1.2 + m(t)] cos (2πfct) V

If the modulation index of this AM signal is 0.81, then the peak amplitude of the message signal m(t) is equal to ____ V. (upto two decimal points)

Question 16

In a PCM system, message signal ,is divided into 50 equal intervals in quantization mechanism. Signal to quantization noise ratio of PCM system is __________.

Question 17

Determine J1,k1,J0,K0 for the following sequence Q1Q0 is 0-1-3-2-0 .

Question 18

The Nyquist plot of a unity negative feedback is shown below. If the corresponding open-loop system is stable, then the closed loop system will be stable for which values of K?

Question 19

The open loop transfer function G(s)= Where p is an integer, is connected in unity feedback configuration as shown in figure.
Given that the steady state error is zero for unit step input and is 6 for unit ramp input, the value of the parameter p is ____.

Question 20

Determine the new inductance of a solenoid, if a solenoid has 2 times increased length, and half times decreased radius.(Given, inductance= 15mH).

Question 21

A 15 A source is operating at 100 MHz and feeds a Hertzian dipole of length 6mm situated at origin of space, determine electric field at P (4, 300, 900)

Question 22

A load resistance RL is to be connected between a, b such that power transferred to the load RL is maximum. The value of RL is ________Ω.

Question 23

A network is described by the state model as
The transfer function H(s) Description: D:\GradeStack Courses\GATE Tests (Sent by Ravi)\GATE EC 10-Mar\GATE-ECE-2015-Paper-3_files\image125.png is.

Question 24

A system with input x[n] and output y[n] is given as . The system is:

Question 25

Let P be linearity, Q be time–invariance, R be causality and S be stability, A discrete time system has the input–output relationship.

where x(n) is the input and y(n) is the output. The above system has the properties
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