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GATE 2021: General Aptitude Rapid Mini Mock

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Question 1

A shopkeeper allows 13% discount on the marked price of an article and makes a profit of 23%. Find the approximate marked price of article, if he gains a profit of ₹240.12.

Question 2

In the following question, select the missing number from the given series.

Question 3

Two equal containers are filled with a mixture of water and alcohol. One of them contains three times as much alcohol is in the other. The mixtures in the two containers are then mixed and it is found that the ratio of alcohol to water is 2 : 3. Find the ratio of alcohol to water in each of the original containers.

Question 4

A statement is given followed by two course of action. The candidate is required to grasp the statement and analyses the problem or policy it mentions and then decide which course of action logically follows.

Raju has topped his class in the 10th board examination.
Course of action:
I. Raju went to school regularly and studied carefully throughout the session.
II. Raju likes video games.

Question 5

If 28 - 3 = 84; 17 - 4 = 68; 31 - 3 = 93, then what is the value of 21 - 5 = ?

Question 6

A steamer takes one hour more to go 48km upstream than the time to go 60 km downstream . if the steamer takes equal time to cover 30 km downstream and 18km upstream then find the ratio of the speed of the boat in still water and speed of stream .

Question 7

3 doctors and 4 teachers can earn Rs. 756 in 7 days. 11 doctors and 13 teachers can earn Rs. 3008 in 8 days. In how many days can 7 doctors and 9 teachers earn Rs. 2480?

Question 8

The ratio of amount of work done by (y + 1) workers in (y + 2) days and that done by (y + 2) workers in (y + 3) days is 7 : 8, then the value of y is :

Question 9

A is thrice as fast runner as B, B is twice as fast runner as C and D is thrice as fast runner as C. If D travelled a distance in 1 hour 42 minutes, then the time taken by A to cover the same distance is:

Question 10

The total population of a town is 240000 in which 132000 are female . Out of every 100 female, 90 love cricket. But over all 64% people love cricket in total population. Find percentage of cricket loving male in total male population.

Question 11

The sum of the square of three numbers is 336 and the ratio of the first and the second as also of the second and the third is 1 : 2. Then find the difference of third and first number?

Question 12

The average age of A and B, 2 years ago was 32. If the age of A, 5 years hence is 38 years, and B is 5 years younger to C, then find the difference between the age of A and C?
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