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Question 1

If the fineness modulus of a sample of the fine aggregates is 4.3, the mean size of the particles in the sample is between

Question 2

What will the population equivalent for an industrial sewage daily disposal of 50,000 litres with suspended solid content of 220mg/lit, considering the per capita contribution as 69 gm.

Question 3

In the reinforced beam section shown in the figure (not drawn to scale), the nominal cover provided at the bottom of the beam as per IS 456–2000, is

All dimensions are in mm

Question 4

Match List I and List II relating the forces and the related soil structure.

Question 5

Moment developed on the fixed end when the other end of a 5 m long prismatic beam settles down by 1 mm. Take E = 200 GPa and I = 225 × 104 mm4.

Question 6

An observer counts 240 veh/h at a specific highway location. Assume that the vehicle arrival at the location is Poisson distributed, the probability of having one vehicle arriving over a 30 seconds time interval is ______.

Question 7

The speed-density relationship of a highway is given as

u = 100 – 0.5 k

where, u = speed in km per hour, k = density in vehicles per km. The maximum flow (in vehicles per hour, round off to the nearest integer) is ______

Question 8

Saturated unit weight of a soil is and unit weight of water is . If the ground water table is at the surface of soil and lateral active earth pressure coefficient of soil is 0.35 .Active lateral stress at 8m depth is________kPa.

Question 9

An incompressible homogenous fluid is flowing steadily in a variable diameter pipe having the large and small diameters at 15 cm and 5 cm, respectively. If the velocity at a section at the 15 cm diameter portion of the pipe is 2.5 m/s, the velocity of the fluid (in m/s) at a section falling in 5 cm portion of the pipe is ___________

Question 10

A bar of uniform cross section of length 1 m which is fixed in one direction and free in other direction has a load applied axially which causes extension of 1.75 mm in the bar. It is given that the Poisson’s ratio of the bar is 0.3, then the volumetric strain of the bar will be ___ 10-3

Question 11

A load which can be transmitted per pitch length of a double cover butt joint connected by 22 mm diameter shop rivet at 80 mm pitch. The thickness of main plates and cover plates are 16 mm and 12 mm respectively. Take allowable tensile strength of plates equal to 150 N/mm2, allowable shear stress in rivets equal to 100 N/mm2 and allowable stress in bearing for rivets equal to 300 N/mm2. What is the efficiency of joint?

Question 12

A uniform beam AB is in the form of a quarter circle of radius R. It is fixed at end A and free at end B, where a point load P is applied. The ratio of the vertical deflection to horizontal deflection of beam will be _______.

Question 13

A rectangular footing 1 m x 2 m is placed at a depth of 2 m in a saturated clay behaving an unconfined compressive strength of 100 kN/m2. According to Skempton, the net ultimate capacity is 

Question 14

A sheet piling system with its corresponding flow net is shown in figure. Take and hydraulic conductivity as 2 x 10-5 cm/s. Estimate (a) rate flow in cm3/s
(b) For the element A with l= 1.2m, calculate the average velocity.

Question 15

If the population of a town is increasing at a rate proportional to the square root of the current population, when the current population is 2 lakh, which is expected to increase by 20000 in next 10 years. The capacity of the water plant of the city is 40.5 MLD and the per capita demand is 135 liters per day. Then find the time from now when the demand of the city reaches its capacity.

Question 16

A canal supplies the water for irrigation of land growing rice having an area of 1200 hectares. If the same canal water rate is used to irrigate the land growing wheat then how much area can be irrigated? The base period and delta of rice is 120 days and 140cm respectively and same for wheat is 116 days and 60cm.

Question 17

A derived quantity 's' is given by a function of two linear measurements as shown below

the maximum error in linear measurements is 0.05
The maximum error in's' is

Question 18

A cantilever of length L, carries three loads W each at an interval of L/3 as shown in figure. If EI is flexural rigidity, then the slope at free end D is where is _____

Question 19

For discharge measurement, the width of a rectangular channel is reduced gradually from 3 m to 2 m and the floor is raised by 0.3 m at a given section. When the approaching depth of flow is 2 m, the rate of flow(in m3/s) indicated by a drop of 0.15 m in the water surface elevation at the contracted section is

Question 20

A valley curve is designed for a national highway where a falling gradient 1 in 25 meeting with a rising gradient of 1 in 20 the design speed is 100 kmph, rate of change of centrifugal acceleration 0.602 m/s3.If sight distance =180m, then the length of curve (in m) is

Question 21

The speeds of overtaking and overtaken vehicles are 80 and 50 kmph, respectively on a two way traffic road. The average acceleration during overtaking may be assumed as 0.95 m/sec2. What is the minimum length (in m) of overtaking zone?
[Assume reaction time for overtaking = 2.5 sec.]

Question 22

The number of bolts required for a lap joint between two plates of 12 mm and 20mm thick to transmit a factored axial load of 100 kN using M16 bolts of grade 4.6 and Fe 410 plates (Assume minimum end distance e=29 mm and minimum pitch p=40 mm& thread intercept shear plane)

Question 23

Ground water flowing from an aquifer at a velocity of 50mm/day through the particles of effective size 0.01cm along a hydraulic gradient of 0.013. Determine the Silchter constant by assuming the viscosity coefficient of water.

Question 24

The activity details of a project are given below:

The estimated minimum time (in days) for the completion of the project will be________

Question 25

2 legged 10 mm diameter vertical stirrups are provided at a spacing of 250 mm centre to create in a rectangular beam of width = 250 mm, effective width = 400 mm. If design shear strength of concrete is 0.7 MPa, total shear capacity of the section is ________kN.
[Take Fe415 grade steel]

Question 26

A mix contains coarse aggregate, fine aggregate and mineral filler in proportion 60:35:5 by weight and their respective specific gravities are 2.7, 2.9 and 1.5 .These materials were mixed with bitumen of specific gravity 1.01 and compacted to unit weight of 2300 kg/m3 having 5% voids. How much %age bitumen does the specimen contain?

Question 27

It is proposed to use a high rate two stage trickling filters when the following data is given:
The plant will receive daily 5 MLD of sewage with a BOD of 260 ppm
BOD loading in the raw sewage per hectare meter = 10000 kg
In both cases, recirculation ratio = 1
Total filtering media is to be divided between the two filters with 1 m depth
The expected BOD of the plant effluent will be _________ mg/l

Question 28

A doubly reinforced concrete beam is of 300 mm width and 600 mm overall depth. Tension reinforcement consists of 2 numbers of 25 mm diameter bars and compression reinforcement consists of 2 numbers of 16 mm diameter bars.

Assume effective cover to compression (d') and tension steel to be 40 mm.
Use M20 grade of concrete and Fe415 grade of steel.
The moment of resistance (in kNm) of beam by LSM is

Question 29

In the frame shown in figure below, the value of MBE will be _________ kNm.

Question 30

A rectangular channel 4.4m wide and 1.5m deep has slope of 1 in 2000 and is lined with good masonry, for which manning n = 0.015.It is desired to increase the discharge to a maximum by changing the slope or form of section. The dimension of section may be changed but the channel must contain same amount of lining. Compute probable increase in discharge ________ %.
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