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Fluid Mechanics_Quiz 1

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Question 1

Flow at constant rate through a tapering pipe is _____.

Question 2

The motion of air mass in a tornado is a _______.

Question 3

Surface tension of water when in contact with air is 0.0737 N/m. The difference in pressure between inside and outside of a droplet of rain water 1 mm in diameter is nearly equal to:

Question 4

Glycerine (specific weight 1260 kg/m3, dynamic viscosity 8 x 10-2 kg-s/m2) is spread freely to a thickness of 1 mm between a bottom stationary plate and a top moveable plate of 10 cm2 area. The top plate is to be moved at a uniform speed of 1m/s. The force to be exerted on the top plate is:

Question 5

If a rectangular plate 4m x 3m is completely submerged under water as shown in the given figure, then the hydraulic thrust on the plate would be nearly:

Question 6

On which principle equation of continuity is based?

Question 7

What is the terminal velocity (m/s) for a 4 g particle which is falling in the water with projected area of 5 sq. cm? The coefficient of drag is given as 0.47

Question 8

The value of mass density in kg.sec2/m4 for water at 0 ° C is ________. (g =9.81 m/s2)

Question 9

Steady flow occurs when ______.

Question 10

The property by which a liquid opposes relative motion between its different layers is called _____.
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