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Fluid Mechanics- Quiz: 5

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Question 1

In a laminar 2-D flow of viscous fluid couette flow is defined as:

Question 2

At what distance from the boundary layer (i.e. distance from pipe wall) , the value of the wall shear is three times of turbulent shear?

Question 3

Von-Karmon momentum integral equation is :

Question 4

The velocity distribution in laminar flow through a circular pipe follows the

Question 5

In a turbulent flow in a pipe the shear stress is :

Question 6

The head loss in turbulent flow in pipe varies

Question 7

A pipe of length more than double the diameter of the orifice fitted internally or externally to the orifice is called

Question 8

During the obstruction in a pipe, loss of energy takes place due to :

Question 9

In a pipe when the valve is closed suddenly, then due to high pressure

Question 10

Which of the following represent the Darcy’s friction factor in terms of Reynolds number (Re) for the laminar flow in circular pipes?
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