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Fluid Mechanics- Quiz: 3

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Question 1

In a free vortex, velocity

Question 2

The value obtained from dividing limiting value of circulation by area of closed contour is known as ____________

Question 3

If the stream function is ѱ = 2xy, then the velocity at a point (1,2) is equal to:

Question 4

Velocity component u = (λxy3 – x2y), v = xy2 – 6y4, then the value of λ for possible flow field involving steady incompressible flow is

Question 5

Which of the following expression represents the continuity equation in case of steady incompressible flow?

Question 6

If the stream function is , Then what is the magnitude of velocity at point (2,2)?

Question 7

The motion of air mass in a tornado is a _______.

Question 8

A stream function, what is the magnitude of velocity at point (2, 2)?

Question 9

For the following stream function, , the magnitude of velocity vector at x = 1 unit and y = 2 unit, is

Question 10

If in a flow field = constant between any two points, flow must be
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