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Fluid Mechanics- Quiz: 1

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Question 1

Dimensions of the dynamic viscosity (μ) are :

Question 2

Surface tension is due to cohesion between liquid Particles at the surface, whereas ____________ is due to both cohesion and adhesion.

Question 3

Poise is the unit of:

Question 4

For a hydrostatic pressure measurement in fluids at rest

Question 5

Printer’s ink is an example of

Question 6

An incompressible fluid (kinematic viscosity, 7.4 * 10–7 m2/s, specific gravity = 0.88) is held between two parallel plates. If the top plate is moved with a velocity of 0.5 m/s while the bottom one is held stationary, the fluid attains a linear velocity profile in the gap of 0.5 mm between these plates; the shear stress in Pascals on the surfaces of top plate is

Question 7

The variation in the volume of a liquid with the change of pressure is called its:

Question 8

The SI unit of kinematic viscosity is:

Question 9

According to Newton's law of viscosity, the shear stress in a fluid is ............

Question 10

A viscometer constructed of two 30-cm-long concentric cylinders is used to measure the viscosity of a fluid. The outer diameter of the cylinder and the gap between the two cylinders is 0.18 cm. The inner cylinder is rotated at 250 rpm, and the torque is measured to be 1.4 N.m. The viscosity of fluid is
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