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Flexural Formula vs Torsional Formula - II Starter Quiz

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Question 1

A torque of 9.25 kN-m is applied to a thin-walled pipe with a mean diameter equal to 10.5 cm. The wall thickness of the pipe in order that the shear stresses would not exceed 80 MPa, is _____ mm.

Question 2

Neutral axis of a beam is the axis at which:

Question 3

If two shaft of the same length, one of which is hollow, transmit equal torque and have equal maximum stress, then they should have equal

Question 4

A steel I-beam has overall depth of 40 cm. If the bending stresses developed at the top and bottom of beam are 120 MPa tensile and 40 MPa compressive respectively, then depth (in cm) of neutral axis from bottom of beam will be ____.

Question 5

A steel wire of 20 mm diameter is bent in to a circular arc of 40 meter radius. Determine the maximum bending stress (in MPa) induced in it.
[Take E=2 x 10N/mm2]

Question 6

Find out the outer diameter of the hollow shaft, if the allowable shear stress induced in it is 53MPa and the permissible value of Torque in it is 2000Nm. Take the value of k to be 0.4 where k is the ratio of inner diameter to outer diameter .

Question 7

A 10 mm diameter aluminium wire is twisted through one complete revolution without exceeding a shearing stress of 40 N/mm2. The length of the wire is ____ m.
[Take G = 2.7 × 104 N/mm2]
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