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Flexural Formula vs Torsional Formula - I Starter Quiz

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Question 1

A solid shaft and a hollow shaft of same length, transmit equal torque and have equal maximum stress. Which of the following statement is correct

Question 2

A solid shaft of diameter d and length L is fixed at both the ends. A torque, T0 is applied at a distance, L/4 from the left end as shown in the figure given below.

The magnitude of maximum shear stress induced in the shaft is

Question 3

If two solids shafts having the diameters D and D/2 are made of the same material, what is the ratio of the strength of the bigger shaft to that of smaller shaft in torsion?

Question 4

The product of Young’s modulus and moment of Inertia is known as:

Question 5

For a cantilever beam of uniform strength having point load w at free end and uniform depth, the width of beam variation _________.

Question 6

A simple beam of the rectangular cross section with depth = 250mm and width = 150mm is subjected to a uniformly distributed load as shown in the figure. Modulus of elasticity of the material is 200GPa. The maximum bending stress in the beam is_____Mpa

Question 7

A rectangular beam 12 m long is simply supported at its ends and is acted upon by a 15 kN/m uniformly distributed load throughout its length. Find the depth of the beam if its thickness is twice that of its width. Assume the allowable bending stress of material as 48 N/mm2.
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