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Fatigue loading - Quiz Starter Quiz 2

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Question 1

A machine component is subjected to variable loading such that amplitude stress, mean stress. endurance Limit stress, ultimate strength and yield strength are 90MPa, 150MPa, 270 MPa, 600MPa, 450 MPa respectively. Find the factor of safety Using Soderberg line. 

Question 2

A body is subjected to mean stress 50 MPa and stress amplitudes 150 MPa. Find the stress Ratio?

Question 3

Which of the following is soderberg’s equation
Here σa = stress amplitude
        σm = mean stress
        σut = ultimate stress
        σe = endurance stress
        σy = yield stress
        F = factor of safety

Question 4

A loaded semi-infinite flat plate is having an elliptical hole in the middle as shown in the figure below. The stress concentration factor at points either X or Y is

Question 5

Static load is defined as the load acting on the bearing when shaft is _____

Question 6

A machine component is subjected to a flexural stress which fluctuates between + 500 MN/m2 and –100 MN/m2. Determine the value of minimum ultimate strength according to Soderberg relation. Take yield strength = 0.55 Ultimate strength; Endurance strength = 0.5 Ultimate strength; and factor of safety = 3

Question 7

A machine component is subjected to variable loading -60 MPa and +60 MPa. If the endurance strength and yield strength for the material are 200 MPa and 300 MPa, respectively, the factor of safety ( based on Soderberg equation) is______.
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