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EVS quiz on Travel, Food and Nutrition: 03.08.2021

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Question 1

Which railway passes through Western Ghats Mountains?

Question 2

Which among the various modes of water transports sails along big rivers?
I) Steamers
II) Ship
III) Boats

Question 3

What is the difference between the time of Dwarka (Gujarat) in the west and Dibrugarh (Assam) in the east?

Question 4

In India, first train started in the year 1853 from –

Question 5

As compared to truck transport, rail transport is:

Question 6

Which city is known as financial capital of India?

Question 7

Panambur port is located in –

Question 8

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is situated in which city?

Question 9

Which among the following inland waterways is known as National Waterway 1 ?

Question 10

The breathing problems are usually associated with inhalation of _____
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