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EVS Quiz on Travel and Things we make and do: 15.11.2020

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Question 1

G.T. Road connects Kolkata and ________.

Question 2

After air travel, the most used made of travel and transport is__

Question 3

In which state is the Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport located in India?

Question 4

According to the report of WHO in 2009, the maximum air pollution is due to___

Question 5

‘Pucca’ roads are made by__

Question 6

Swati tells a story to student about a place where people drinks a special type of tea known as Kehwah and the women of this place wore Phiran as a dress. She is referring to which state?

Question 7

The bomb dropped on Nagasaki was named as –

Question 8

The difference between boiling and evaporation is that

Question 9

Which is the best period for the people of Bihar state to start bee-keeping?

Question 10

Select a group containing products obtained from petroleum.
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