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EVS quiz on Food and Nutrition: 12.10.2020

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Question 1

Directions: Answer the following questions by selecting the correct/most appropriate options.
Glass jars and bottles are dried well in the sun before filling them with pickles. Why is it so?

Question 2

Mira and Divya are young girls. Mira likes to eat samosas, cutlets and bread. Divya, on the otherhand, takes an iron deficient diet. Which of the following disorders are Mira and Divya likely to suffer from, respectively ?

Question 3

This plant has leaves which are used as vegetables. Its seeds are used to produce oil. The plant is

Question 4

Vitamins are substances

Question 5

The gastric juice in the stomach of human beings is _________ and aids in the digestion of food.

Question 6

A doctor prescribed some Moderateicines to a patient and also suggested him to eat jiggery, amla and more green leafy vegetables. This patient must be suffering from

Question 7

Select from the following a group that comprises of methods of cooking food :

Question 8

Which of the following sets of eatables is rich in iron?

Question 9

Durga lives in a village and cooks food on a chulha (earthen stove) using wood or cow dung cakes as fuel. She has been suffering from severe cough for the last three months. This may be due to the

Question 10

Study each set of terms and identify the odd set.
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