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EVS quiz on Food and Nutrition: 02.08.2020

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Question 1

Deficiency of iron causes___

Question 2

“Anaemia” is caused by the deficiency of___

Question 3

The condition resulting from lack of nutrients in diet is called____

Question 4

Paresthesia is the disease caused by the deficiency of which vitamin?

Question 5

How Kshitij help his friend who suffers from loose motions and vomiting ?

Question 6

Vitamins are substances that ___

Question 7

Which among the following diseases are caused through virus?
i) Common cold
ii) Polio
iii) Chicken pox
iv) Tuberculosis

Question 8

Refrigerating the cooked food items helps preserve them for a long time by______

Question 9

Identify an inappropriate statement regarding roughage:

Question 10

Which among them are the functions of food?
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