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Question 1

The origin of the word from which the word ‘environment’ derived is

Question 2

Theory of learning which totally and only depends on “observable behavior“
Is associated with ___ theory of learning.

Question 3

Response by analogy of learners refers to__

Question 4

Direction: Answer the following question by selecting the most appropriate options.
A teacher, maintains record of a child’s progress on a day-to-day basis and also keeps the observational narrative records of significant incidents in his life. The above activity is used as a/an :

Question 5

Which of the following statement is expressing law of readiness in process of learning?

Question 6

While conducting a role play in the class, one student was made tree and others students did other actions of watering, plucking fruits, cutting the tree etc. In context of the situation, which of these, the teacher is not trying to achieve?

Question 7

The components of environmental consciousness are __ , __ and __

Question 8

Which of the following will develop in child by studying science?

Question 9

Gunjan organises te following activities on different days to sensitise students to the concept of conservation of trees :
a. Encouraging every student to adopt a tree and look after it
b. Organizing a debate on forest conservation
c. Organizing a poster-making competition on trees
d. Showing children storage of logs of wood
Which one of the above activities will be least effective in achieving the desired objective?

Question 10

Given below are some human activities :
A. Digging of mines.
B. Constructing dams.
C. Collection of leaves and herbs to sell them in the market.
D.Weaving baskets from bamboo.
E. Making leaf plates out of fallen leaves.
The activities responsible for the disappearance of forests is/are
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