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Question 1

What is the recrystallization temperature for the brass alloys ___________.

Question 2

Which of the following is responsible for determining the chemical properties of an element?

Question 3

In which of the given curves the property that the angle which the tangent at any point on the curve makes with the any point on the curve makes with the radius vector at that point is constant?

Question 4

Which of following included in quality in service assurance______.

(i) to gain the customer trust

(ii) importance of customers

Question 5

The natural Carbon Cycle involves which of the following steps?

1) Combustion

2) Photosynthesis

3) Evaporation

4) Decomposition

5) Respiration

Select the correct answer using the codes given below:

Question 6

Consider the following statements about the statutory liquidity ratio (SLR):

1) This deposit should be in non-cash form.

2) Banks have to report to the RBI their SLR maintenance every week.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

Question 7

Which of the following branches of philosophy deals with the questions on knowledge and truth is?

Question 8

Network diagram:

1) Interrelationship between activity event clearly shown.

2) They facilitate 'What if exercise.

3) They provide basis for obtaining facts decision making.

Question 9

Choose the correct option related to Swayam Prabha:

I. It provides educational contents through DTH.

II. It covers all level of education such as schools, under graduation, post-graduation, engineering etc.

Question 10

In the given figure, chords AB and CD intersect at a point P. If CP = 6 cm, CD = 9 cm and AB = 19 cm, then find the lengths of AP and PB (in cm)?

Question 11

If 2x = 3y = 6z, then find the value of

Question 12

If a man had walked 3 km/hr faster, he would have saved 1.5 hr in a distance of 90 km. What is his usual speed?

Question 13

If the major objective of the government is to raise revenue, it should tax commodities with _____________.

Question 14

Green Label ATMs are cards associated with_____.

Question 15

Consider the following statements about Ex-Situ conservation:

1) It is an on-site conservation of genetic resources.

2) Zoos and botanical gardens are the most conventional methods of ex-situ conservation.

3) It is used as a last resort, or as a supplement to in-situ conservation only.

Which of the statements given above is/are incorrect?

Question 16

Consider the following statements:
1) A habitat supports a number of species and possess numerous ecological niches.
2) A niche supports a single species.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

Question 17

While using smart phones, we often notice LTE and VoLTE around network are on the screen. Consider the following statements in this regard:

1). LTE is commonly marketed as 3G and VoLTE is commonly marketed as advanced 3G.

2). LTE is data-only technology and VoLTE is voice-only technology.

Select the correct answer using the code given below

Question 18

Choose the correct option related to Fish Bone diagram or Cause- Effect Diagram:

I. It can be used to structure a brain storming session.

II. It helps to identify many possible causes for a problem or an effect.

Question 19

In a ferromagnetic material below the Curie temperature, a domain is defined as:

Question 20

In a helical compression spring, its stiffness, coil diameter, number of turns and wire diameter are given by K, D, N and d respectively. If we increase coil diameter to 2D, wire diameter to 3d and number of turns to 2N. Find the new stiffness of spring ________ in terms of k.
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