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ESE Achiever's plan || Paper 1 || Design of various mechanical Parts: Belt, Chain, Springs & Shaft

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Question 1

A plastic bar of 50 mm diameter is subjected to torque ‘T’  at the end such that angle of twist between the ends of the bar is 3°. The minimum permissible length of the bar, if the allowable shear strain in the plastic is 0.020 rad is______mm

Question 2

What will be ratio of power transmitted from first shaft to second shaft, if two shafts are made of metal with second shaft diameter as twice that of first shaft ____________?

Question 3

The Wahl’s correction factor for a closed coil helical spring made up of wire with diameter 2 mm and mean coil diameter is 12 mm is ___________.

Question 4

For a belt drive application, the difference between tensions on the slack & tight sides is 3000N. Determine the transmitted power in kW, if the belt speed is 15 m/s:

Question 5

Which one of the following has highest velocity ratio?
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