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ESE 2022 ME - Technical Quiz 4

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Question 1

When can a Piezometer not be used for pressure measurement in pipes ?

Question 2

The head of water required for Pelton wheel is ___________.

Question 3

The contact ratio is the ratio of arc of contact to the ____________

Question 4

When the friction lining is new, the wear varies ______________.

Question 5

The unit of thermal diffusivity is

Question 6

A fan consumes 50 W of electric power and has an air discharge of 0.25 kg/s, the maximum air outlet velocity is close to

Question 7

Air at 27 °C and 100 kPa enters in a steady flow to a nozzle at a velocity of 100 m/s. If the inlet area of the nozzle is 0.5 m2, what is the mass flow rate through the system

Question 8

Heavy Water used in atomic power plants as _______.

Question 9

In refrigerant system thermostatic expansion valve is used to maintain _______.

Question 10

The gas remaining in the burette after absorption of CO2, O2 and CO in an Orsat apparatus experiment is taken as
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