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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz || Full Revision Mock Test-7

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Question 1

The transmission parameter A for the circuit is

Question 2

Magnetic properties of ferrites result mainly from

Question 3

The bandgap of silicon at 300 K is

Question 4

The amplifier circuit shown below uses a silicon transistor. The capacitors CC and CE can be assumed to be short at signal frequency and the effect of output resistance r0 can be ignored. If CE is disconnected from the circuit, which one of the following statements is TRUE?

Question 5

The Z11 for the network given below is

Question 6

In the figure shown below,

the output waveform of the circuit can be represented as

Question 7

An ideal n- channel MOSFET has parameter A/V2, VT=0.7 V and tox=0.4 nm. It is found by measurement that it is operating in saturation region. The power dissipated in the MOSFET is 36 mW and VDS=6V. the aspect ratio for the MOSFET when VGS =5 V is

Question 8

Find the discrete-Time Fourier Transform (DTFT) of the following signal?
x(n) = an where n ≥ 0, -1 < a < 1.

Question 9

What are poles and zeroes of system having following transfer function?
H(z) =

Question 10

The value of the determinant is

Question 11

A radio channel has bandwidth of 10 kHz and an S/N ratio of 15 dB. The maximum data rate that can be transmitted is

Question 12

The transfer function Y(s)/R(s) of the system shown is

Question 13

The function f(t) has the Fourier transform . The fourier transform of g(t) is

Question 14

For an AM signal, the bandwidth is 20 kHz and the highest frequency component present is 800 kHz. The carrier frequency used for this AM signal is.

Question 15

If a counter having 10 FFs is initially at 0, what count will if hold after 2060 Pulses

Question 16

The It R= 1/3 convolution encoder defined by transfer functions H1(z)=1+z-1

Question 17

The power contained in single sideband in amplitude modulation is

Question 18

In a JK flip-flop we have J = Q’ and K = 1. Assuming that the flip-flop was initially cleared and clocked for 6 pulses, the sequence at the Q output will be

Question 19

Intrinsic impedance of free space is given as

Question 20

A steel pipe is constructed of a material for which r=200 and =5x106 mho/m. The outer and inner radii are 8 and 6 mm respectively and the length is 80m. If the total current carried by the pipe is 2cos104t A, Then the skin depth will be
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