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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz || Full Revision Mock Test-6

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Question 1

Which of the following algorithm design techniques is used in the quick sort algorithm?

Question 2

To achieve same probability of error as 4-array PSK, find additional signal energy required for 8-array PSK signal in dB .

Question 3

Statement-1: In small-signal RC coupled amplifiers, the gain falls in high frequency range.

Statement-2: The decline in gain with frequency is due to the reactance of coupling capacitor.

Question 4

Which of the following can be a valid power spectral density of a real random process?






Question 5

A GRIN fiber with parabolic refractive index profile core has a refractive index at the core axis of 1.5 and relative index difference at 1%. Calculate maximum possible core diameter that allows single mode operations at λ = 1.3 μm

Question 6

The optical power in and for the power level of respectively is

Question 7

The closed loop transfer, function the system is

The number of poles in the right half-plane is-

Question 8

The outputs Q and  of master slave S – R flip-flop are connected to its R and S inputs respectively. The output Q when clock pulses are applied will be

Question 9

The parameters of a certain transmission line operating at 6 × 108 rad/s are L = 0.4 μH/m, C = 40 pF/m,

G = 80 ms/m, and R = 20 Ω/m. Find Z0?

Question 10

A uniform plane wave in air partially reflects from the surface of a material whose properties are unknown. Measurements of the electric field in the region in front of the interface yield a 1.5 m spacing between maxima, with the first maximum occurring 0.75 m from the interface. A standing wave ratio of 5 is measured. Determine the intrinsic impedance, ηu, of the unknown material.

Question 11

Match List-I (Semiconductor Device) with List-II (Symbol Used) and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:


A) n-p-n transistor










Question 12

Consider the following statements:

FETs when compared to BJTs have

1- high input impedance

2- current flow due to majority carriers

3- low input impedance

4- current flow due to minority carriers

Which of the statements given above are correct?

Question 13

Which of the following is not major contributor of engineering ceramics?

Question 14

Which of the following is a point imperfection?

1) Vacancy

2) Interstitial

3) Frenkel imperfection

4) Schottky imperfection

Question 15

In a load cell, al four strain gauges are connected in a bridge circuit. If a stress of 1050 kg/cm2 is applied on the top of such a load cell, calculate charge in resistance SR/R. The load cell is made up of steel and Modulus of elasticity is approximately 2.1 × 106 kg/cm2.

The gauge factor of strain gauge = 2

Question 16

The advantages of an LVDT is/are?

1) Linearity

2) Infinite resolution

3) Low hysteresis

Question 17

Assertion (A): Substrates chosen for fabrication of microstrip lines are usually thin and having high value of dielectric constant.
Reason (R): To minimize radiation loss form microstrip lines, fringing of fields must be reduced as much as practicable..

Question 18

For the circuit below, find the maximum power transferred to the load?

Question 19

The N point DFT of is

Question 20

The output of the accumulator system is

What is the output y(n) when x(n) is given as

x(n) = n*u(n)

when system is initially relaxed.

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