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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz || Full Revision Mock Test-5

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Question 1

An npn BJP is operating in the forward active region. Assuming the reverse saturation current Is = 10-16 A and βF =100 What is the value of emitter current IE for VBE = 0.7 V ?

Question 2

The equation of the curve passing through the point satisfies the following differential equation is sinx cos ydx + cosx sinydy = 0

Question 3

A class B output stage is shown in the figure below. If the output is sinusoidal with 4.5V peak amplitude, Vcc=6V then the power efficiency at this output voltage is?

Question 4

In the figure shown below, N is a two port network. If I = 1 A, then the values of V1 and V2 will be

Assume the y-parameter matrix for ‘N’


Question 5

Find Vo in the following circuit

Question 6

A linear ramp ADC uses a 10 bit counting register and a 15 kHz clock frequency. The register output is 1111111111 when the input voltage is 100 mV. The required ramp rate-of-change and the ADC conversion time are neraly

Question 7

If MOSFET is operating in saturation region and drain current is 1.2 mA when Vgs = 1 V and 4 mA when Vgs = 1.6 V. Calculate the threshold voltage VT.

Question 8

A photodiode with an energy bandgap Eg = 1.42 eV is exposed to the light of wavelength 0.8 µm and power density of 400 W/m2. If the photo diode has area of 150 cm2, then short circuit current of the diode is _____A.

(Assume quantum efficiency is 100%)

Question 9

Which of the following factors are responsible to design IC logic gates to operate at a fixed supply voltage of 5 volts?
1). Low heating of IC logic gates.
2). Compatibility with other logic gates.
3). Satisfactory and safe operation.
4). Standardization from IC manufacturing point of view.
Select the correct answer from the codes given below:

Question 10

The value of , where is a vector, is equal to

Question 11

When a sinusoidal signal of 220 V, 50 Hz produces on CRO a vertical deflection of 2 cm at a particular setting of the vertical gain control, what would be the value of the voltage to be applied to produce a deflection of 3 cm for the same vertical gain?

Question 12

The input to a Linear Delta Modulator [LDM] is sinusoidal signal

 having  and . This scheme uses a sampling frequency ‘’ and the step size ‘’ such that it is the minimum value required to avoid slope overload. Find signal to noise ratio (S/N).

Question 13

Which of the following system is not stable?

Question 14

A sampled signal with highest frequency component 2 kHz and amplitude varies between -2V and 2V is quantized using N bits. The value of N which ensures an rms quantization error of less than 5mV and corresponding bitrate are

Question 15

The gain cross-over frequency and phase margin of the transfer function        are

Question 16

An audio signal has a bandwidth of 25 kHz. The maximum value of |m(t)| is 5 V. This signal frequency modulates a carrier. If the frequency sensitivity constant of the modulator is 20 kHz/ V, then according to carson’s rule, the bandwidth of the modulator output would be:

Question 17

The response of a system at non-zero initial conditions and zero input is called ________.

Question 18

An elliptically (arbitrarily) polarized wave can be broken up into

Question 19

What is the generalized Maxwell's Equations for free space?

Question 20

An experiment measures quantities a, b and c. The variable X is calculated from X=(a*b^2)/c^3 and the percentage error in a, b, c is ±x%, ±y%, ±z% respectively. What will be the percentage error in X?
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