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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz || Full Revision Mock Test-4

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Question 1

Which statement is correct for OPAMP?

Question 2

For the circuit shown. Calculate the voltage gain ?

Question 3

In an ideal differential amplifier shown in figure, a large value of RE

Question 4

For the circuit shown below the input voltage vi is as shown in figure.

Assume the RC time constant large and cutin voltage of diode Vγ = 0. The output voltage v0 is

Question 5

Which of the following statement is correct regarding Zener diode?

Question 6

In the voltage regulation circuit shown in figure, the power dissipation in Zener diode approximately is

Question 7

Consider the following statements regarding Wein bridge oscillator:

1) It has a larger bandwidth than the phase shift oscillator.

2) It has a smaller bandwidth than the phase shift oscillator.

3) It has 2 capacitors while the phase shift oscillator has 3 capacitors.

4) It has 3 capacitors while the phase shift oscillator has 2 capacitors.

Which of the above statement are correct?

Question 8

The convolution of sinc(t) with is?

Question 9

Laplace transform of  is

Question 10

Match List I (CT signal) with List II (Fourier transform) and choose the correct answer using the codes given below:

                List I
            (CT Signal)

         List II
(Fourier Transform)



3) 1


Question 11

Consider a system represented by an equation y(n) - αy(n-1) = x(n) – βx(n-1). To make it causal and stable what should be value of α and β?

Question 12

The electric field associated with a sinusoidally time varying electromagnetic field is given by E = sinπ xsin

The time average stored energy density in the electric field is

Question 13

A loss less transmission line of length 250 m has L = 10 μH/m and C = 0.1 pF/m at 1 MHz. The electrical length of the line is _______ degrees.

Question 14

For a Hertz dipole antenna, the half power beam width (HPBW) in the E-plane is

Question 15

Find the output voltage (V0) of the circuit shown in the given figure?(Vfb= 0.6V and Vz=6.3V(break down Voltage))

Question 16

Statement (I): In enhancement type MOSFET (with n-type source and drain regions), only positive voltage can be applied to the gate with respect to the substrate (p-type).
Statement (II): Only with a positive voltage to the gate, an ‘inversion layer’ is formed and conduction can take place.

Question 17

For a message signal m(t) with modulation index 60% and frequency 100 kHz, the maximum envelope time will be.

Question 18

Which of the following statements is/are true:

(i) variance always positive

(ii) Covariance can be positive or negative

Question 19

Statement (I) : PCM requires a very complex encoding and quantization circuitry.

Statement (II) : PCM requires a less bandwidth compared to analog systems.

Question 20

DPSK system employs EX-NOR gate followed by BPSK modulator. BPSK Modulator assigns phase 0 for bit-1 and phase π for bit 0 . Find the phases of output signal if transmitted sequence is 110110 of DPSK modulator assuming that arbitary bit is 0.
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