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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz || Full Revision Mock Test-3

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Question 1

The power delivered to the load resistance RL is _____. β of the transistor is 20.

VBE(active) = 0.7 V, VCE(sat) = 0.2 V

Question 2

Consider a random variable ‘x’ having pdf given by

, otherwise

If random variable ‘y’ is generated such that . Then the pdf

Question 3

An algorithm made up of 2 modules M1 and M2. If order of M1 is f(n) and that of M2 is g(n), then the order of the algorithm is

Question 4

A unity feedback system has an open-loop transfer function  If the damping ratio is 0.5, then what is the value of K?

Question 5

A signal  is applied to a system with transfer function  then the steady state output is

Question 6

The semiconductor RAM of a digital computer has a word length of 16-bits and a capacity of 65,536 words. It has a cycle time of 80 ns. If the CPU is much faster than the memory, the time required to fill 1,024 bytes of this memory with all 0’s will be

Question 7

The Boolean function ‘f’ implemented as shown in the figure using two input multiplexers is

Question 8

A symmetric dielectric slab waveguide is to guide light at wavelength λ =1.30 μm. The slab thickness is to be d = 5.00 μm, and the refractive index of the surrounding material is n2 = 1.450. Determine the maximum allowable refractive index of the slab material that will allow single TE and TM mode operation.

Question 9

How is an N-channel Junction Field Effect Transistor operated as an amplifier?

Question 10

Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:


A- Zener Diode

B- Gunn Diode

C- Schottky Diode

D- Tunnel Diode


1- Negative resistance device fabricated using semiconductors like Si, GaAs, Ge etc. can be operated at a frequency of 10 GHz.

2- Quantum mechanical tunnelling with very thin depletion layers under reverse bias operated as a reference voltage source.

3- Negative conductance device, operates on the principle of transfer of electron from one region of conduction band to another.

4- Metal-semiconductor diode, have rectification properties.


Question 11

The number of atoms per unit cell of a hexagonal closed racking (HCP) structure is?

Question 12

Phase velocity νp and group velocity νg in a waveguide are related to the velocity of light c as

Question 13

A thermistor has a resistance of 4 kΩ at 0°C and 800 Ω at 40°C . Determine large of resistance to be measured if temperature rises from 50°C to 100°C

Question 14

TCP is preferred over UDP because it provides

1) Fastest communication

2) Connection oriented service

3) Reliable service

Question 15

What is a waveguide device which is designed with steps in either the magnetic or electric plane known as?

Question 16

A 2-port network can be described by the following equations.

This network is:

Question 17

A 20-μF capacitor has energy W(t) = 10cos2 377t J. Determine the current through the capacitor.

Question 18

Let .

It is given that  for 0 ≤ t ≤ 3, Determine the value of A

Question 19

A satellite link uses different frequencies for receiving and transmitting in order to

Question 20

Choose the correct statement for CMOS devices.
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