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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz || Full Revision Mock Test-1

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Question 1

The gain margin and the phase margin of a feedback system with are

Question 2

The discrete time Fourier transform (DTFT) of is equal to

Question 3

Which of the following instrument have linear scale

Question 4

In N silicon semiconductor, hole density decreases from 1014 cm-3 - 1013 cm-3 from x = 0 and x = mm. What will be the hole diffusion current density if  ?

Question 5

A steel bar magnet has a magnetic moment of 2.5 A-m2 and a mass of kg. If the density of steel is kg/m3, the intensity of magnetization is

Question 6

Which one of the following is one byte instruction?

Question 7

How many 32K × 1 RAM chips are needed to provide a memory capacity of 256 K bytes?

Question 8

Poynting vector has the unit

Question 9

Consider the z-transform X(z) = 5z2 + 4z-1 + 3; 0<|z| < ∞ . The inverse z-transform x[n] is

Question 10

For a random variable x having the PDF shown in the figure given below

the mean and the variance are, respectively

Question 11

A parallel plate waveguide is to be designed so that only TEM modes can propagate in the frequency range 0 < f < 2 GHz. The dielectric material between the plates has ϵr = 9, μr = 1. The spacing ‘d’ allowed between the parallel plates of waveguide is

Question 12

TCP protects itself from miss delivery by IP with the help of-

Question 13

The function of the following circuit, if the input is a sine wave, is that it

Question 14

Statement (1): For causality of an LTI system for

Statement (2): For stability in the S-plane, ROC must include imaginary axis.

Question 15

A message consisting of 2400 bits is to be passed over an internet. The message is passed to the transport layer which appends a 150-bit header, followed by the network layer which uses a 120-bit header. Network layer packets are transmitted via two networks, each of which uses a 26-bit header. The destination network only accepts up to 900 bits long. The number of bits, including headers delivered to the destination network, is

Question 16

TCP is preferred over UDP because it provides

1) Fastest communication

2) Connection oriented service

3) Reliable service

Which of the statement is correct?

Question 17

The covariance matrix of three random variables x1, x­2 and x3 is

A linear transformation y = Ax is made where

The obtained covariance matrix of y is

If μ11 = 2 then value of  is______

Question 18

A digit voltmeter has an accuracy specification of ± 0.5% of reading ± one digit. What is the possible error in volts when the instrument displays 2.00V on the 10 V scale?

Question 19

The cells are connected in two rows in parallel to pass a current of 6A through an external resistance 0.7 Ω. If the electromotive force of each cell is 2.1 volts and internal resistance 0.5Ω, the minimum number of cells will be

Question 20

Which of the following instructions can be used to complement the higher significant nibble of the accumulator in an 8085 microprocessor?
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