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ESE 2021 Non-Technical Quiz 2

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Question 1

A person went from A to B at an average speed of x km/hr and returned from B to A at an average speed of y km/hr. what was his average speed during the total journey?

Question 2

A shopkeeper buys two different types of rice at 42.50/kg and 48.75/kg. In what ratio does the shopkeeper mix them so that cost price of the mixture becomes Rs. 46.70?

Question 3

Consider the following statements about the ‘Honey Mission’.

1) It includes Awareness Training, Procurement & Supply of Bee Boxes along with Colonies and Establishment of Apiaries. Operational Guidelines along with item wise modules.

2) It includes Launching of Marketing Network across the Country.

3) It was Launched by Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer’s welfare.

Which of the above statements are correct?

Question 4

With reference to recommendations of National Education Policy 2020, consider the following statements:

1) Vocational Education shall start from Class 8 with Internships.

2) By 2030, the minimum degree qualification for teaching will be a 4-year integrated B .Ed. degree.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

Question 5

Which of the following statements is/are correct regarding Panna Biosphere Reserve

1) Recently it was included in the UNESCO’s World Network of Biosphere Reserves (WNBR).

2) Ken River flows through the Panna Biosphere Reserve.

3) It is situated in the Vindhya mountain ranges

Choose the correct answer using code given below:

Question 6

Which of the following statements is/are correct with respect to the Nurturing Neighbourhoods Challenge’?

1) It aims to develop and implement initiatives to improve the quality of life in cities for young children, caregivers and families.

2) It will be open for the 100 Smart Cities, cities with population of more than 5 lakh and State/Union Territory capitals.

3) It is implemented by the Union Ministry for Housing and Urban Affairs.

Choose the correct answer using code given below:

Question 7

Find the solution for multiplication of two complex no. of the form a+ib and c+id. Take a = 2, b = 3, c = 4 and d = 5.

Question 8

If then is equal to

Question 9

Statement I: The Eigen vectors of a matrix corresponding to different eigen values are linearly independent.
Statement II: An eigen vector of a matrix is given by the equation (A - λI)X =0.

Question 10

If x = rcosθ , y = rsin θ then  is
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