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Question 1

Consider the following statements:-

(i) Addition of small quantity of slaked lime in cement mortar increases the plasticity of mortar.

(ii) Light weight mortar is prepared by mixing cement & finely crushed fire bricks with water.

(iii) Fire resistant mortar is prepared by mixing aluminous cement & finely ground china clay ware with water.

Select the correct code.

Question 2

The line of a PERT network is shown in the diagram. What is the most probable range of the total duration:

Question 3

Calculate the minimum thickness of the lacing bar required if effective length of the lacing bar is 300 mm, considering maximum permitted slenderness ratio value for a lacing member as per IS 800 :

Question 4

Correct sequence of detention time of various treatment unit is:

Question 5

For a given steady flow of water at a point, the streamlines are 1 cm apart and the velocity is 25 m/s. At a different point downstream the stream lines are found to be 2 cm apart. What will be the pressure difference (in MPa) between the first and the second point?

Question 6

Which of the following defect in bricks is caused due to the presence of excess carbonaceous matter and Sulphur.

Question 7

Consider the following equipments:
1) Drag line
2) Power shovel
3) Hoe
4) Crawler dozer
Which of the above may be used for excavation of materials and loading them into trucks?

Question 8

What will be the value of force at points B and C, if the force of 400N is acting upward at point A.

Question 9

Which of the following characteristics of an extended aeration process is/are correct as compared to conventional activated sludge process:

1. Lesser F/M ratio

2. More sludge age

3. Lesser sludge produced

4. More volume required

Question 10

A : The velocity profile for laminar flow in circular pipe is parabolic

R : Newton’s law of viscosity establishes that , where the symbols have usual meanings

Question 11

Consider following statements related to under reamed piles as per IS : 2911 part 3:

1. The diameter of bulb should be two to three times the diameter of shaft.

2. For piles upto 30 cm diameter, spacing between the bulbs should not exceed 1.5 times the diameter of bulb.

3. For expansive soil, top most bulb should be at a minimum depth of two times the bulb diameter below the ground level.

Correct statement(s) is / are:

Question 12

Consider following statements related to wave pressure generated on surface of reservoir behind a gravity dam:

1. Maximum pressure intensity is given by Pw = 2.4 Ywhw

2. Maximum pressure intensity occurs at  meters above still water surface.

3. Total pressure due to waves generated is given by Pt = 2γwhw2

4. Total pressure acts at a distance of 0.625 hw above still water surface.

(hw = height of waves in meter)

Correct statement(s) is /are :

Question 13

statement (I): Constant head permeability test is used for coarse grained soil only.

statement (II): Coarse grained soil have more permeability.

Question 14

Internal and external radii of a thick cylinder are a and b. It is subjected to an internal pressure of Pi. The radial stress at a radius r in the cylinder is

Question 15

For the frame shown in the figure below, the rotational reaction at support C is:

Question 16

For a catchment, the S-curve due to a rainfall intensity of 2 cm/hr is given by Q = 2 (2 – e– t) (where t is in hr and Q in m3/s). What is the area of the catchment:

Question 17

If the standard time for a particular place is 5 hours 30 minutes is corresponding to the standard meridian of 75o 15’ E . The local meantime for the place located at the longitude of 90o 30’ is _____

Question 18

A simply supported T-beam of 6 m clear span is loaded with characteristic load of 50 kN/m. The section of beam is 250 mm wide and 480 mm effective depth. Then the critical section for shear from the midpoint of span will be

Question 19

The results of a speed study is given in the form of a fervency distribution taken. The difference between time mean speed and space mean speed is given by.

Question 20

Consider following statements regarding shear strength tests for soil:

1) Direct shear test is suitable for cohesionless soil only.

2) Vane shear test is not suitable for fissured clays.

3) Vane shear test can be conducted only in field.

4) Unconfined compression test is suitable for both cohesion less and cohesive soils.

Correct statement (s) is/are:

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