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ESE 2019 Technical ( Computer Organization and Architecture: Quiz 3 )

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Question 1

A home base computer with 3.2 GHz runs on Windows whose motherboard has Hard disk and RAM attached to it. A Printer and Keyboard can also be attached with the computer. As per von Neumann architecture, which among the following option is invalid?

Question 2

OS that permits multiple programs to be run simultaneously using a single processor is referred to as

Question 3

What number will the floating point format shown in base-10 represents?

Question 4

In floating point arithmetic, the operator having highest priority is:

Question 5

Assertion (A): Binary search function can be easily implemented using recursion.
Reason (R): Recursion is based on number of elements in array to be searched.

Question 6

What will be the binary equivalent conversion of 754 number 11010110101101101011000000000000 of 32-bit single-precision as per IEEE Standard?

Question 7

Obtained the refreshing percentage time of RAM memory having 128nsec memory cycle time when refreshing needs 120 times in a second with 120 nsec per refreshing?

Question 8

Process applied to transfer automatically the program and data blocks in main physical memory for execution is:

Question 9

When queues Qs1 and Qs0 are 01, it implies:

Question 10

The creation of the variable will automatically create a special variable associated with it, called as
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