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ESE 2019 Technical ( Computer Organization and Architecture: Quiz 2 )

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Question 1

Assertion (A): Processor level design is heavily based on the use of prototype structures.
Reason (R): A prototype design is selected and modified to meet the given performance specifications.

Question 2

In writing the micro-program, there are two situations in which field for the micro instruction can be kept blank when it
1). Controls a functional unit
2). Causes state to be written
3). Specifies the control of a multiplexer
Which of these statements are correct?

Question 3

For which one of the following problems, recursive solution exists but non-recursive solution does not?

Question 4

Computer data gets information about the operand using:

Question 5

The correct binding time for attribute internal form of literal 23 is:

Question 6

For implementing an 8 bit multiplier, ROM required will be:

Question 7

In two phase locking concurrency control table, which among the following transaction will able to make the progress?

Question 8

A semiconductor RAM has a 12-bit address register and an 8-bit data register. The total number of bits in the memory is

Question 9

Consider the following C statements:
1) x = = 1; x++ ;
2) #define max = 40 ;
3) x = 1 ; x– – ;
4) For (i = 0; i < = 1; i++)
{ printf (“i=%d/n”,i); }
Which of the C statements given above are not correct?

Question 10

The parallel computer are divided into which of the following architecture configurations?
1). Array processors
2). Data processors
3). Multi processor systems
4). Pipeline computers
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