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ESE 2019: Information and Communications Technology Quiz 4

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Question 1

What are the functions of Internet Protocol?

Question 2

With reference to India’s satellite launch vehicles, consider the following statements:
1) PSLVs launch the satellites useful for Earth resources monitoring whereas GSLVs are designed mainly to launch communication satellites.
2) Satellites launched by PSLV appear to remain permanently fixed in the same position in the sky, as viewed from a particular location on Earth.
3) GSLV Mk III is a four-stage launch l vehicle with the first and third stages l using solid rocket motors; and the second and fourth stages using liquid rocket engines.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

Question 3

Consider the following statements regarding ERNET:
1) At present ERNET India is an autonomous project under the administrative control of Ministry of Human Resources and Development.
2) ERNET project was launched in 1986 by the then Department of Electronics and United Nations Development Program
3) Its first task was to set up a Local Area Network (LAN), which meant networking the computers within the campus of an institution and then connecting the LANs of the various institutions using a Wide Area Network (WAN). Initially it connected 8 premier institutions.
4) It was the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the country providing Dial-up services.
Choose the correct answer using the codes given below:

Question 4

Consider the following statements –
1) Union Government has launched Bhuvan Ganga Mobile Application and Web Portal to aid flagship mission to Clean Ganga.
2) It is developed by Bhabha Atomic Research Center.
3) The app and web portal was launched by Union Minister of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation
Correct options are

Question 5

World's first quantum satellite is known as the following and was launched by the following country recently –

Question 6

Consider the following statements –
1) GAGAN is space based augmentation system.
2) It is jointly developed by ISRO and Airport Authority of India.
3) India is the 3rd country in world to have its own regional SBAS.
Correct options are
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